STEWARDSHIP:  for continuing stewardship in maintaining the historic integrity of a building, district or site.

1993:  Robert Allington, Maple Lodge

1994:  Jo & Ferd Anderson, Clark Leonard House

1995:  Bill Yates, Yates House (16th & G)

1996:  Gordon Rankin, Whitehall

1997:  Lou & Gale Shields, Historic Haymarket

1998:  Dr. Mabel Skjelver, Whitehall

1999:  Nebraska Legislature, Warner Legislative Chamber

2000:  Nebraska State Historical Society, Thomas P. Kennard House

2001:  Joyo Theater in Havelock

2002:  Thomas Kaspar & William M. Turek, State Capitol

2003:  Near South Neighborhood Association, Mount Emerald Historic District     

2004:  Union Bank & Trust, Rock Island Depot & Christian Record Building

2005:  Homeowners & East Campus Community Organization for the East Campus Landmark District

2007:  Ed and Yana Beranek, F.M. Hall House (11th & D Streets)

2008:  Matt Steinhausen, Krull House ( rural)

2009:  Linda Wibbels, Country Club Neighborhood Assn.

2010:  Nebraska Legislature & Capitol Commission, Norris Warner Legislative Chamber

2011:  [State Fair Park historic bldgs transplanted one LAST time] Lincoln Parks & Recreation Department, Embury Construction, & Williams Midwest Housemovers, Hudson Cabin, Lincoln Public Schools, Heritage School

2012: Citizens of Nebraska, the Nebraska Captiol Commission, and BVH Architects, Nebraska State Captiol Masonry Restoration Project

2013: Tom and Joan Hruza, Frank and Nelle Woods Residence (2501 Sheridan Boulevard)

2014: Sheldon Art Association, Sheldon Museum of Art (12th & R Streets)

2015: William Biegert and Kathleen Grossman, Down Under Pottery (3318 Randolph Street)

2016: First-Plymouth Congregational Church and Davis Design, First-Plymouth Congregational Church Project

2017: Harry Tompkin and Palace Glass Company

2018: John Carper and the Piedmont Neighborhood, Piedmont Arches at the Randolph Street & Fall Creek Road



COMMERCIAL / INSTITUTIONAL REHABILITATION:  for the rehab or adaptive reuse of a commercial or institutional property.

1993:  Lincoln Station & Environs

1994:  President & Ambassador Apartments

1995:  Judith Andre, Mission Arts

1996:  Engine House Cafe in Havelock

1997:  Nora Houtsma, Ricketts-Folsom House B & B

1998:  Bob Campbell, BVH, Gallup, Commercial Club

1999:  Agee’s Towne Parking

2000:  B & J Partnership, Lincoln Star Buildings (12 & M)

2001:  University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Richards Hall

2002:  First National Bank, Historic Federal Trust Building, 13th & P

2003:  Johnson Architects, 4728 Prescott Avenue

2004:  Sid & Cheryl Conner, Creamery Building, 701 P Street

2005:  Rape Spouse Abuse Crisis Center, 2545 N Street

2006:  Randolph Elementary School, 1024 S 37th Street

2007:  City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, Municipal Pool House Conversion to Athletic Offices

2008:  Lincoln Public Schools with Sinclair Hille Architects, Prescott Elementary School

2009:  Wells Fargo Bank, Tom Kaspar & Bob Ripley, for their restoration work on the Wells Fargo Bank Teller line at 13th & O Streets

2011:  University of Nebraska-Lincoln & Sinclair Hille Architects, Whittier Research Center

 2012: Karolyn Howard, Good Things Gifts and Home Decor (3008 O Street)

2013: Chi Phi Fraternity and Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects, Norris Weil House (1149 S 17th Street)

2014: State of Nebraska and DLR Group, Inc., Transportation Services Building (1400 M Street)

2015: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Leo A. Daly, and Dale Bowder, Brace Hall Renovation

2016: Havelock Business Association, Erickson Sullivan Architects, and City of Lincoln Urban Development Department

2017: Lincoln Public Schools, Renovation of Clinton, Elliot, Hartley, and Prescott schools

2018: Speedway Properties, Cadillac Lofts at 1228 P Street


RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION:  for the restoration or rehab of a significant residence, 50 years of age or older.

1993:  David Murphy, Morris Friend House (19th & E)

1994:  Greg Haselhorst, Taylor Cottage (31 & N)

1995:  Tom & Joan Hruza, Frank & Nellie Woods House

1996:  Lilly Blase, 1735 Euclid Ave.

1997:  Ruth & Larry Stoll, Atwood House B & B (17th & G)

1998:  Lisa Schmidt, Guy Brown House (221 S. 27th)

1999:  Suzanne & John Rohde, Spaulding House (2221 Sheridan)

2000:  Roger & Ann Lott, Burkett House (1944 B)

2001:  Joel & Katheen Sartore, Herter-Sartore Farmstead

2002:  Don Kerns, 515 South 29th Street

2003:  Dallas Jones & Trisha Gade-Jones, Yost House (1900 S. 25th )

2004:  Brent Dale Beckman, P.P.Mauter House (1204 S. 7th)

2005:  Mike & Carol James, Stake Bungalow (145 S. 28th)

2006:  Timothy & Beatrice Menke. 4410 Saint Paul Avenue

2007:  Bruce and Maureen Stahr, Leavitt House

2008:  Scott and Sue Bulfinch, Proudfit House (2128 B Street)

2009:  Susan Marx & Paul Davis Restoration, Funk Residence (1601 A Street)

2010:  Landon & Heidi Osborne, Korsmeyer House (1840 E)

2011:  Joel & Kathy Sartore, Hitchcock House (2733 Sheridan Boulevard)

2012: Eric Hasselbalch, George Woods Home (1445 E Street)

2013: Paul and Sherri Johnson, Henry Luckey-Hans Mueller House (4027 Holdrege Street)

2014: Cathie Bailey, Dave Dinsmore, and John Woollam (1935 C Street)

2015: Greg and Paula Baker, F.M. and Anna Hall House (1039 S. 11th Street)

2016: Rodney and Sue Birkmann, First (Don) Love House (1803 E Street)

2017: Adam and Andrea Letheby, George and Alice Abel Residence (2335 Sheridan Boulevard)

2018: Daniel and Tamara Sloan, Daniel Kelly House (405 S 28th Street)



INTEGRATION OF OLD & NEW:  for exemplary integration of new construction with a historic structure or district.

1993:  Northeast Radial Reuse Project

1994:  Everett Elementary School, BVH & LPS

1995:  St. Francis Chapel, Sinclair Hille/County Board

1996:  Charles Trust Housing, 20th & F/G Sts.

1997:  Cheryl & Greg Richter, 2120 A Street

1999:  University of Nebraska - Lincoln, College of Business Administration

2000:  St. Paul United Methodist Church, Education & Family Life Center

2001:  Lincoln Housing Authority, Hartley infill houses on R Street

2002:  Lincoln Parks & Recreation, F Street Community Center

2003:  Haymarket Parking Garage, 9th & Que

2004:  Jim Abel, 1 landmark Centre, 1010 Lincoln Mall

2005:  DuTeau Building, 1800 O Street

2006:  Riley Elementary School Addition, 5021 Orchard Street

2007:  City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, Government Square Park Renewal

2008:  WRK, LLC and Bahr Vermeer Haecker, Architects Ltd., Sawmill Building

2009:  Voices of Hope and Dave Johnson, Pace & Lally houses (26th and N Sts)

2010:  WRK LLC & BVH Architects, Color Court Project

2011:  Gregg Lanik & Emily Geis Lanik, BVH Architects, 610 South 30th Street

2012: Speedway Properties and Champion Olson Architects, Salvation Army building (8th & P Streets)

2013: Charles and Nancy Ogden and DLR Group, Inc., Carriage House at the Griswold House (1256 Fall Creek Road)

2014: West Haymarket Joint Public Agency, Sinclair Hille Architects, and Hawkins Construction Company, Haymarket Railyard Canopy

2015: NeighborWorks Lincoln and BVH Architects, NeighborWorks Office, 2530 Q Street

2016: University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Sinclair Hille Architects, UNL East Campus Recreation Center

2017: Blue Blood Brewing Company and Studio 951, Reuse of Robbers Cave

2018: Tom Kaspar, Matt Hansen, and Bob Ripley, Office of the Capitol Commission, Nebraska State Capitol Courtyard Fountains



THE GREAT COMMONER AWARD:  to recognize outstanding effort in preservation education.

1993:  Near South Walking Tour Books, V. 1 & 2

1994:  Ed Zimmer

1995:  James L. McKee

1996:  Barbara Sommer, Fairview Interpretation

1997:  Near South Neighborhood Tour of Homes

1998:  Eileen Bergt & Gordon Scholz

1999:  Kathy Colwell, Lincoln African American Landmarks

2000:  Dale L. Gibbs, FAIA

2001:  Lori Maass Vidlak, “Heart of Lincoln”

2002:  Roxanne Smith, State Capitol Tours

2004:  Ruth Greene Folley & Abigail Davis, Oral History Project

2005:  Doug Beals

2006:  Dick Rumbolz

2007:  Jon Roth

2008:  Kay Logan Peters

2009:  Mary Jane Nielsen

2010:  Jim Dyck

2011:  Dennis Buckley

2012: Bob Puschendorf

2013: Hildegard Center for the Arts and Lincoln High School, “Hearing from Heroes” Theatrical Project at Wyuka Cemetary

2014: BVH Architects, Nebraska State Capirol: Restoring a Landmark book

2015: Historic Haymarket Inc., New, Improved Haymarket Walking Tour Guidebook

2016: Elizabeth Chase

2017: Woodsshire Home Association

2018: Ed Zimmer, Contributions to “Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects’ Website”

CITY CENTER AWARD:  to recognize outstanding effort in maintaining the vitality of Lincoln’s urban core.

1994:  Gale & Susie Sup, Post & Nickel

1995:  Dale Nordyke, The Mill

1996:  Yia-Yia’s on O Street

1997:  Anne Burkholder, Burkholder Project

1998:  Lazlo, Inc.

1999:  Bill & Beverly Livengood, Green Gateau

2000:  Updowntowners

2001:  National Research Corporation, revitalization of the Nebraska Buick Building, 1245 Que Street

2002:  Rococo Threatre, 13th & P

2004:  Lincoln Community Foundation, Foundation Garden

2005:  The Farmers' Market

2006:  Sunken Gardens

2007:  The Lincoln Children’s Museum

2008:  Jazz in June

2009:  Star City Parade

2010:  City of Lincoln & The Schemmer Assoc., Harris Overpass Redesign

2011:  First Friday Art Walk

2012:  Bennett Martin Public Library & Lincoln City Libraries

2013: Leon’s & Ideal Grocery Stores

2014: LeBaron-Duncan LLC & Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, Assemblage Building (1828 N Street)

2015: Lied Center for Performing Arts (12th & R Streets)

2016: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church & Newman Center & Clark Architects Collaborative 3 (16th & Q Streets)

2017: City of Lincoln, Ivanna Cone, & Anne Burkholder, Gallery Alley Pedestrian Way

2018: Nebraska Sesquicentennial Salute to the Good Life Spectacular September 22, 2017 on Centennial Mall



PRESIDENT’S AWARD:  to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of historic preservation.

1994:  Havelock Centennial Committee

1996:  Bryan Memorial Hospital, Fairview Reuse

1997:  Anne Brookes

1999:  Jo Gutgsell

2000:  Beverly Fleming

2001:  Wyuka Cemetery

2001:  Lyn Wineman of Swanson Russell Associates

2002:  Clark & Lisa Devries Residence, 19th & Washington

2003:  Elizabeth Chase

2004:  Greg & Wendy McCown

2005:  Jim Seacrest & Helen Boosalis Co-Chair for Amendment One

2006:  John Strope III & John Strope Jr.

2007:  John Lindahl and the Nebraska State Historical Society, Support of the PAL Brown Bag Programs

2008:  Matt Hansen & Clark Springman

2009:  Beau Wolfe

2010:  Jerry Berggren, Steve Kelly & Dan Worth, Industrial Arts Building Feasibility Study

2011:  Diane Wolkowiak

2012: In Memoriam to Dr. Richard Hay

2013: Priscilla Handy, PAL Bungalow Tour

2014: Speedway Properties

2015: Wyuka Historical Foundation, Wyuka Stables Renovation

2016: Masonry Construction Inc., Bellevue, Nebraska 2016: William Gustafson

2017: Herbert Davison, Davison Construction

2018: Clinton Collins & Daniel and Tamara Sloan, Home and Closet, 4725 Prescott Avenue



HELEN BOOSALIS AWARD:  to recognize outstanding effort in promoting or advocating the value of historic preservation.

1993:  St. Francis Chapel Foundation

1994:  Woods Park Neighborhood Association

1995:  George Chick

1996:  Dale & Rhoda Retzlaff & Family, Stevens Creek Stock Farm

1997:  Tom Laging, Nebraska Capital & Environs Plan

1998:  Becky Martin

1999:  University Place Art Center

2000:  Dan Kidd, Lincoln Historic Preservation Planner, 1980-1984

2001:  Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects

2002:  John Schleicher

2003:  Jon Carlson

2004:  Bob Ripley

2005:  Senator Don Pederson

2006:  Jerry Berggren

2007:  Keith Sawyers

2008:  Jo Gutgsell

2009:  Andy & Cathy Beecham

2010:  Jim McKee and Linda Hillegass

2011:  J.L. Schmidt

2012: Ed Zimmer

2013: John Strope

2014: The Sartore Family and Charles DeVries

2015: Dan Worth

2016: Michael J. Smith

2017: L. Robert Puschendorf

2018: Jennifer Honebrink, Alley Poyner Architects