PAL 2018 Annual Awards

2018 ANNUAL PRESERVATION AWARDS STEWARDSHIP For continuing stewardship in maintaining the historic integrity of a building, district, or site. Piedmont Arches at Randolph Street and Fall Creek Road JOHN CARPER & THE PIEDMONT NEIGHBORHOOD

COMMERCIAL/INSTITUTIONAL REHABILITATION For the rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of a commercial or institutional property. Cadillac Lofts at 1228 P Street SPEEDWAY PROPERTIES

RESIDENTIAL REHABILITATION For the restoration or rehab of a significant residence, 50 years of age or older. Daniel Kelly House, 405 S. 28th Street DANIEL & TAMARA SLOAN

INTEGRATION OF OLD & NEW For exemplary integration of new construction within a historic structure or district. Nebraska State Capitol Courtyard Fountains OFFICE OF THE CAPITOL COMMISSION TOM KASPAR & MATT HANSEN & BOB RIPLEY

THE GREAT COMMONER AWARD To recognize outstanding effort in preservation education. Contributions to ‘Place Makers of Nebraska: The Architects’ Website ED ZIMMER

CITY CENTER AWARD To recognize outstanding effort in maintaining the vitality of Lincoln’s urban core. Nebraska Sesquicentennial Salute to the Good Life Spectacular September 22, 2017 on Centennial Mall

PRESIDENT’S AWARD To recognize outstanding achievement in the field of historic preservation.    Home & Closet, 4725 Prescott Avenue CLINTON COLLINS & DANIEL AND TAMARA SLOAN

HELEN BOOSALIS AWARD To recognize outstanding effort in promoting or advocating the value of historic preservation. JENNIFER HONEBRINK

Jamie Tallman