Lincoln, Nebraska is rich with history. From tales of Native Americans living off the land to the pioneers leaving everything behind to stake their claim in the Wild West to the founders and architects of Lincoln - these are stories that have been passed from generation to generation.

These stories are enriched by important places from the past - the land, the homes, the buildings, the churches, the roadways, waterways and parks. Special places reveal every aspect of our community's origins and developments. They identify who we once were and help define who we are today. They reveal why our predecessors chose this area as a place to live and grow, just as we have chosen it for our families and ourselves.

Goals of the Preservation Association of Lincoln include:

  • To invite the participation of residents in the preservation of the Lincoln area heritage.
  • To advocate for the renovation and preservation of historic buildings, neighborhoods and sites.
  • To seek purposeful and advantageous alternatives to the destruction of historic structures and neighborhoods.
  • To aspire to new, productive uses for historic buildings in order to provide for their maintenance and preservation.
  • To cooperate with local and state officials in making preservation and adaptive reuse official policy.
  • To work closely with organizations and individuals in the Lincoln area to realize the goals of the organization.

Some of the organization's activities include:

  • Publish a newsletter.
  • Sponsor brown bag lectures the second Tuesday of each month at the Museum of Nebraska History.
  • Assist in conducting architectural and neighborhood tours.
  • Generate publicity about preservation.
  • Sponsor annual preservation awards.
  • Actively support efforts to create new historic districts, to address problems of deterioration and demolition, and to ensure more sensitive planning and development.
  • Discuss preservation issues with the City Council, County Board, Mayor, Planning Commission, Unicameral, and neighborhood associations.
  • Maintain web site dedicated to preservation issues.